Learn how to :

  • Ease labor pain through breath and movement
  • Decrease risk and complications with labor and delivery
  • Decrease risk of pain throughout pregnancy by preparing your body and mind for this journey
  • Exercise safely during pregnancy with focus on pelvic floor and breath awareness techniques
  • Recover postpartum with ease and support

Continence Care

Integrative holistic approach to Healing with focus on pelvic health, pain management and fascial manipulation

​Dr. Kim Bryant

Pregnancy & Postpartum care

" Treating the source, not just the symptoms."


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Here at Kim Bryant Physical Therapy we provide you with one on one direct care for the duration of your time with us.  You will never get handed off to a tech or aid.  Your time and health is important, so make the most of it. 

Are you tired of......

  • Losing sleep and getting up 3-4 times a night?
  • The embarrassment of wetting your pants?
  • Having to miss movies or time with friends because you are constantly running to the bathroom?
  • Spending money on expensive pads?
  • Bringing extra clothes or pads with you everywhere you go?

Then we can HELP